Tell Us: How Do You Manage Your "I Can't Do This" Moments?


Tell Us: How Do You Manage Your "I Can't Do This" Moments?

fog-258232_640One of our members (Jenn, @jennljr) posted an update last night about a rough few days. In her update, she included this question:

"What have been 'I can’t do this' moments for you and how do you cope with them?"

What a great question. So, tell us: When you want to walk, how do you stay? When you've reached your limit, how do you take your next step? What happens that leads to feelings of hopelessness? How do you find that flicker of hope to keep going?

Share your experiences in our comments section, below.

(And, please connect with Jenn if you haven't yet. She's wonderful.)

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When I get overwhelmed I tell my kids to stay with hubby and I go down to the local brewpub with a book to read for awhile. The place is kind of like the show Cheers and relaxes me. Or I take a drive just to get away. I am the only one working and when I start thinking about homelife I start feeling hopeless because I am trying to keep everything going smoothly but it's not. Kind of like a hamster on a wheel. Keep going and not going anywhere. Right now I don't see much for a future but that is depression talking and I am medicated for that. But at least hubby is happy and that is what is important.