Tell Us: How Do You Refill Your Empty Caregiving Bucket?


Tell Us: How Do You Refill Your Empty Caregiving Bucket?

bucket-269648_640Yesterday, @PearLady shared a comment on Sink:

"gah…coming off of one of those draining weeks. Takes so long to refill my bucket afterward. :/"

to which @dbates replied:

"Now here is topic I’d like hear Denise!!! How do you REFILL? We all need a list, so when we are too tired to think we can just look on the list for a good choice. Pearlady, how do you refill your caregiving bucket? I could use some ideas besides chocolate."

When you're emotionally exhausted, when you're depleted, how do you refuel? What gives you the energy to continue?

Tell us how your refill your empty caregiving bucket in our comments section, below.

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Hi Michelle--We share poetry (and other creations) in our Caregivers Create group:\r\n\r\nIn addition, some of our bloggers have been poets and have posted their poetry as blog posts.\r\n\r\nWhen you create your free account, you can share in our Caregivers Create group and by blogging. :)


So many of these are so good and I use a lot of them as well!\r\n\r\nBrew a pot of tea to sip and enjoy.\r\nListen to some of my favorite music on my mp3 while doing chores.\r\nTake a quick drive in the early morning while my daughter is home.\r\nEnjoy that coffee first thing in my day!\r\nChill a bottle of wine and invite a girlfriend over, then bake some brie :)\r\nSpend some time in a good book.

Donna Bates

Thank you Denise for making this request.\r\n Here is my quick short go-to Refill Moments:\r\n1. Step outside and breathe. Look up to the sky, feel the wide open space, even for a moment.\r\n2. Soak my feet in warm soapy water, wiggle my toes, and call it my baby bubble bath.\r\n3. Call, text, email a friend and say Hi. Generate some conversation with a peer.\r\n4. Drink some tea, hot or cold, flavored or sweetened. Stay hydrated to prevent a headache.\r\n5. and of course, my favorite Happy pills, a handful of M & M's. Take time to look at the pretty colors.