Tell Us: How Do You Stay Warm in Our Cold World?


Tell Us: How Do You Stay Warm in Our Cold World?

ice-cream-476361_640 A decadent dessert just melts my heart.

The polar vortez is back. This morning, our wind chill was -12 in Chicago.

It's a cold, cold world out there. And, during a time when you need help and resources and support and compassion, the world can seem bitter. You get the cold shoulder when you ask for what you need, you get frost bite when your caree has a bad day, you are snowed in just because the caregiving responsibilities make it so hard to get out.

The bitterness of our seemingly cold world could really turn your heart to ice.

So, I wonder: How do you avoid freezing over in our cold world? Tell us what warms your heart in our comments section, below.


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I don't know how, honestly. I have a strong faith in God. I focus on Jesus and the few golden heart friends that I do have.

Lillie Fuller

What really warms my heart is knowing, when I am in freeze mode, that I have someone to turn to. It has happened a few times that I couldn't reach someone to talk to, cry to, bitch at, when things get cold. I have a few friends and also an aunt that I am close to that I can always count on to lend a shoulder or listening ear!! And now that I am back active here, I know there are people who know and care! There are little \"heaters\" everywhere!