Tell Us: How Do You Take an Emotional Break from Caregiving?


Tell Us: How Do You Take an Emotional Break from Caregiving?

shells-792912_640On Sunday, we met on Twitter for our every-other week chat and to discuss how we take a break from taking care.

We ended our discussion with this question: How can you give yourself an emotional break from caregiving? Prompted by a comment left by @terri, I thought it would be helpful to discuss the question here, too.

We may be able to put physical space between ourselves and our caregiving responsibilities but how we take that emotional space? How do we stop worrying or resenting or hurting?

In our comments section, below, tell us how you take emotional breaks from caregiving. Please also share what makes it hard to take an emotional break.

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I volunteer to get out of my own thoughts.

Lillie Fuller

I like to take an emotional break by having a phone conversation where I can laugh and be me, I can set caregiving aside for just a short time and have a laugh or maybe a cry. That is usually my emotional break. I also take the break by chatting here!


I sing in our church choir . Concentrating on the notes and the words,praising God help me to forget about caregiving. I take line dancing once each week. I am in a class with much younger people and keeping up with them, as Goldie said, \" There is no way I can think about anything but dancing while I'm dancing\" I also take yoga. With the positions, the breathing and the relaxation, it is hard to think about anything else.


With my Parkinson's, I can dance easier than I can walk. My one outlet has been modern square dancing. It's fast and takes a lot of physical and mental energy. There is no way I can think of anything but dancing while I'm dancing. I dance one evening a week for about 2 hours. It's like going into another world. \nIt's also physically tiring, so while it's emotionally and mentally good for me and good exercise, sometimes I am totally wiped out the next day and then I don't handle things well emotionally. Dancing is still worth it.