Tell Us: How Do You Use the Extra Hour?


Tell Us: How Do You Use the Extra Hour?

John, who cared for his wife, would often talk of his need for a 25th hour in every day.

Today we get that 25th hour.

How do you use it? How would you use a 25th hour if you had an extra hour every day? Do you ever feel like you have enough hours in the day?

Tell us your experiences and perspectives in our comments section, below.


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I am glad I missed that extra hour. I have enough to do now. LOL




the extra hour in the morning gave me time to sleep a bit longer AND time to get DH's meds set up for the next 2 weeks.


The extra hour was a pipe dream. Caregiving duties got in the way I ended up staying up an hour past my bedtime and woke up at same time in the morning. If I had 25th hour daily, it would be used for sleep or exercise.