Tell Us: How Much Do You Worry About Poverty?


Tell Us: How Much Do You Worry About Poverty?

broken-eggs-1711144_640Last week, I posted on Facebook a reminder about our monthly call-in talk show which happened on October 30. I asked for feedback on caregiving fears you faced, which we discussed during our show. (Listen to our show, What Caregiving Fears Have You Faced?)

The answers shared on Facebook included several who worried about poverty.

I think it's important we continue that discussion. How much do you worry about going broke during caregiving? What's breaking your bank? How close do you feel you are to poverty? How much do you worry about being able to provide for yourself (and your family) after caregiving ends?

Please share your worries about your debt and lack of financial resources in our comments section, below.


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So glad (and sorry) to see so many of us in the same situation. I worry about finances daily. Others have voiced the same worries I have. I make it work - and sometimes its a \"borrow from Peter to pay Paul\" situation. My biggest worry is what happens when he dies. He has no insurance policy and we've wiped out his 401K - there is no savings or any discretionary money. I don't know how I will bury him - and worse - I don't know how I will be able to keep our home. I depend on his Social Security check and his one pension check to get through a month now. If I lose his social security - I can't make ends meet on my own salary.\r\n\r\nAs I said to a friend - at least he can look forward to retirement. As for me? I'll probably have to work a shift the day of my funeral.....\r\n\r\nHave to find the humor in all of this and laugh - if not - we cry all the time....


Currently, the only money I have is a small (very small) pay-out from the tiny insurance policies that Mom had - the proceeds of which had to be divided 6 ways. I'm still struggling with the reality that she's gone, I'm deeply depressed and trying to keep my head above water. Some days are fairly OK, but the bad days are still really bad, and all I want to do is curl into a ball and sleep, because, in my dreams, my life is good...\r\n\r\nSo, you could say I worry about poverty all day, every day. I worry about how I'm going to pay my cell phone bill. I worry about how I'm going to find a job that will pay me enough to keep body and soul together. I worry about what will happen if I do find a good enough job and then decide that I need my own space. Money worries and the scarcity mindset are always with me. And boy, does it suck.


My role changed, but while I was the active caregiver, poverty doesn't even begin to describe the hardship. I was scrounging for change to buy generic hot dogs for dinner. My mom always needed more than Social Security provided and waiting for disability to kick in so we'd get help with things like briefs was really hard. What do you choose- Depends or food? And, out here people have to pay for food boxes, plus go and wait in line at a specific time. As a sole caregiver, time wasn't a luxury I had. Not to mention that the constant demands of caregiving made it almost impossible to log any hours at work.\r\n\r\nWe now have access to services and my mom lives in a residence, but her benefits still don't cover her needs. Things like underpads are not covered, nor are hygiene products. So, I do still pick up a lot of the incidentals, but my earning power has increased enough to cover the bare necessities. No extras, though. Not for anyone. It's very lean living. If she wasn't in a residence and I was still providing her hands-on care... Oh man. We'd be toast.


Um, like constantly.


I don't worry about the future as much as about the present. It's always there, a worry lurking in the darker corners of my mind.