Tell Us: How Will You Spend Your Powerball Win?


Tell Us: How Will You Spend Your Powerball Win?

Your Economic Value: $470 BillionWhen the lottery gets big, we love to dream about winning and spending.

With a Powerball reaching $1 billion, how can we not image what we could do with all that money?

What's your dream? How would you spend a ton of money?

Tell us what you would do if you won tonight's Powerball in our comments section, below.

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I would pay for the medications and oxygen & heart monitor machines for my husband

Mark Mackinson

After taking 10m off top, set up 3 trust funds. Use interest only for; 1 scholarships for college that they could get all 4 years IF maintain B average. 2. Trust fund for \"requests\" ex.Band needs new uniforms--- trust would match funds. Other cases 100% 3. Family - give around $60/70k annual.. In quarterly payments depending on interest rates that year. Enough that they 'could' quit work but not enough to spoil them...


I love how well you play Santa, <a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\">@sara32742</a>! I would keep our CareGifters flush with cash, ready to help any family caregiver in need. I would start a respite program so that any family caregiver who needs and wants a break can have it. :)