Tell Us: How Will You Use Your Mulligan?


Tell Us: How Will You Use Your Mulligan?

golf-880532_640Lillie (@lillie) let me know that today is National Mulligan Day.

So let's take one. Let's give ourselves another shot. We may have missed yesterday but let's give ourselves a do-over today.

So, in our comments section, tell us how you'll use your mulligan ("an extra shot allowed after a poor shot not counted on the scorecard").

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I'd use my Mulligan on a good laugh & better attitude with all the dumb things I let keep me crabby yesterday.

Lillie Fuller

I'd just really like to do the whole day today over. Minus all the yuck of course. It wasn't a typical caregiving day, it was one filled with a few extra challenges. I'd like a do over minus the few extra challenges.