Tell Us: How Would You Decorate a Waiting Room?


Tell Us: How Would You Decorate a Waiting Room?

lobby-346426_640You spend a lot of time waiting--in the doctor's office, the emergency room, the hospital.

And, waiting in a waiting room that has a lot to be desired. You look at crumpled, dated magazines and white walls and sit in uncomfortable furniture.

It feels so sterile at a time when you need the exact opposite.

So, how would you decorate a waiting room? Would you have separate areas of the waiting room that reflect the various needs of those waiting? Would you have a way to encourage sharing among those who wait? What kind of furniture does a waiting room need? What do the walls need? In essence, when you're waiting, what do you need the room to give you?

Please tell us about your waiting in our comments section, below.


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I would outlaw that awful \"What Cancer Cannot Do\" poem in all oncology sites. Cancer actually DOES do most of those things and I find it very offensive to read. Whoever wrote that hasn't been up close and personal with the horror of cancer.


Waiting rooms? Well I like the ideas above too. I did like one waiting room in our cancer center where there was coffee, snacks, games & information on diseases. It also had glass panel walls that looked out to a garden with bird feeders. Watching the birds was nice. I would like the lamps too since it's softer. I would have lots of plugs for electronics and a large TV with news programs or weather on since half the time you don't know what's going on in the outside world. I would arrange chairs in pods so families can hang in circles. Maybe a small play area for kids away from the pods since I really don!t want to listen to whining kids when I'm anxious. I would also have phones to the units plus a live person that can answer questions that's parked in the waiting room to help the families. Use warm earth tones for the decor using nature as a guide. Ok, now back to the ICU waiting room at this hospital I'm currently at, which has white walls, ugly old uncomfortable chairs, one phone, no TV, one old coffee machine & a large column stuck in the middle of this small room. Very depressing room.


Access to power outlets so we can kee everything charged, wi-fi,, maybe a little bar with hot/cold drinks and a snack or few. Oh heck, if they'd just not freeze me, I'd be happier. :D

Donna Bates

Coffee table books with no words, just beautiful pictures of outside vacation destinations, rivers, mountains, beaches, etc.\nAnd individually wrapped snack foods, lots of variety and even more coffee, hot choc, and tea. A TV with DVDs of comedy DVDs such I Love Lucy, Bob Hope, or Andy Griffith Shows. Fresh, clean short sitcoms that take our mind off the stress yet not long enough to come into bits and pieces of movie we don't know the start and don't want to be there long enough for the finish. Small pillows on the couch or chairs to lean or throw across the room. Stress balls to squeeze, note pads and pens to write questions, and window with a view to stare out into space.