Tell Us: How Would You Describe Caregiving?


Tell Us: How Would You Describe Caregiving?

paintings-314674_640In January 2013, we shared six-word definitions of caregiving, a word which doesn't appear in the dictionary.

Today, I'd love for you to describe caregiving. What's it like? What it's feel like?

Tell us your description of the caregiving experience in our comments section, below.

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Caregiving is heart-wrenching sometimes, especially when the caree is in emotional or physical pain. It is, overall, rewarding. I will never regret what I am doing. It can be peaceful, frustrating, challenging, and STRESSFUL all at the same time, but worth it.


Caregiving is humbling (need to ask others for help, I have no real control over the illness...), frustrating (long waits, multiple medical appts,, grumpy patient). Caregiving is also: love in action and it is making me grow spiritually.