Tell Us: How Would You Improve the ER?

emergency_room_591The New York Times published an article today called "Emergency Rooms Are No Place for the Elderly." The article references a document called "Geriatric Emergency Department Guidelines" created by American College of Emergency Physicians, The American Geriatrics Society, Emergency Nurses Association and Society for Academic Emergency Medicine.

The organizations recommend changes in emergency rooms to better serve the elderly, including:

  • Geriatric-trained physicians and nurses on staff;

  • Education and training for staff "to ensure high-quality geriatric care";

  • Instructions printed in large fonts.

I'd love to know: What changes would you make so that visits to the emergency room are easier for you and your caree? While the report focuses on accommodating elderly in the ER, let's focus on all carees, regardless of age.

Tell us your recommendations to improve emergency rooms in our comments section, below.

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