Tell Us: I Know I'm Burnt Out When...


Tell Us: I Know I'm Burnt Out When...

I've been burnt out lately. It started probably about a month ago. I feel like I'm coming out on the other side and soon will be energized and hopeful again. (Side note: I think the worst symptom of burn-out is the loss of hope. Horrible to feel hope-less.)

I knew I was toast because I groaned every day I saw a prompt from Facebook to wish a friend or colleague or family member a "Happy Birthday." As soon as I saw that notification, I did an immediate about-face and left Facebook.

I couldn't give another thing, not even a Happy Birthday. I was running on empty.

What's your signal that you've cooked too long, that your account is overdrawn? In our comments section, below, complete this sentence: I know I'm burnt out when...

(If I missed your birthday, forgive me. I hope it was terrific!)


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He lives in a different state and he's a corporate exec who is in charge of crisis management. In his world, if someone doesn't work to his standard, he can fire them. He is used to barking orders. Half the time, he's on the other side of the planet, working in Denmark or France or Japan. In other works, he lives in a different world! \r\n\r\nBut yes, I'm very ready to let him know he can take over any time. Either he backs off and decides to trust me and the facility and accept that we might make mistakes, I might miss something, the staff at the facility might miss something... but our parents are 88 and 93, for goodness sake! We can't protect them from dying. Even if they depart because we missed something, we can't truly say we've shortened their lives!


I know I'm burnt out when I don't want to go see my parents, even for a visit; when I'm reluctant to go over on my dad's 93rd birthday; when I don't have the emotional energy to even go out to tea with a friend, but want to curl up and not see anyone. When I have to make myself visit this site.\r\nI'm there, but I can't be there. If I can't pull myself out of this funk, I'm not good for anyone. My brother now has the idea I'm incompetent and not doing enough for Mom and Dad. I want to shout at him and say \"IT'S BEEN 9 BLOODY YEARS! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?\" \r\nAnd I want to get in my car, a bus, an airplane, and go somewhere, anywhere, and not come back.


I know I am burned out when I just withdraw and feel no motivation to do the simplest things or the things that typically bring me joy. I find myself saying \"I'll do that tomorrow!\"...and then tomorrow, I will say \"I\"ll do that tomorrow!\".


Glad to hear you're anticipating hopeful days again, Denise!

Lillie Fuller

When I am burned out I usually crawl inside myself. I stop communicating, I choose to be alone. I only do what is absolutely necessary and that is usually just taking care of my mom. I have a hard time sharing when I am burned out. I wear an invisible \"LEAVE ME ALONE\" sign.

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