Tell Us: I Know I'm Burnt Out When...

I've been burnt out lately. It started probably about a month ago. I feel like I'm coming out on the other side and soon will be energized and hopeful again. (Side note: I think the worst symptom of burn-out is the loss of hope. Horrible to feel hope-less.)

I knew I was toast because I groaned every day I saw a prompt from Facebook to wish a friend or colleague or family member a "Happy Birthday." As soon as I saw that notification, I did an immediate about-face and left Facebook.

I couldn't give another thing, not even a Happy Birthday. I was running on empty.

What's your signal that you've cooked too long, that your account is overdrawn? In our comments section, below, complete this sentence: I know I'm burnt out when...

(If I missed your birthday, forgive me. I hope it was terrific!)


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