Tell Us: I Lost...


Tell Us: I Lost...

watch-687139_640During last night's chat, we talked about getting lost during caregiving.

And, that led to a conversation about what we've lost to caregiving.

I've lost my daily walk. I can't find the motivation and energy to walk like I used to. I think about taking a walk and end up staring out the window, never leaving my couch.

What about you? How would you complete the sentence: I lost...

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I have lost the spontaneity, flexibility and freedom I enjoyed as a retired person back when my time was my own.


I lost my ability to reliably keep track of the volume of paperwork involved in taking care of my mom (and her house), my late aunt's estate (and her house, which is in a Special Needs Trust for her son), and my cousin (I'm his guardian).


I lost myself. Time now to find who I am now. Now that I am no longer an employee or a caregiver.


I've lost my love of \"planning\", my passion for cooking, my desire to be with people.


I definitely lost my mojo. Like everyone else, the whole exercise thing went by the wayside, so my general physical fitness has degraded and my attitude went with it - up until 6 months ago, both were really good. I usually have a great sense of humor and a ton of energy - nope, those are shot. I'm back in Illinois for a few days and today we finished cleaning out Dad's house AND I managed to sell both of his vehicles today (woot!) - HUGE accomplishments all around! So we now can get the house listed and let that process run itself for the next couple of months (market is slow in Dad's little town, but that's ok, we know it will take time). So, this pity train needs to leave the station and I need to get myself going again! I am not a New Years resolution person but I will definitely be making myself kick it in gear as the calendar flips over. It's time!

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