Tell Us: "I Never Thought I Would..."


Tell Us: "I Never Thought I Would..."

never-1462743_640So much happens during caregiving that catches us off guard. And, even after we think, Now I've seen everything, we see something that still manages to surprise us.

So, I'd love to know: How would you complete this sentence, "I never thought I would..."

Add how you finish the sentence in our comments section, below.

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I never thought I would be caregiving my mother-in-law to begin with... and elect to bring her home from skilled care/dementia unit.


I never thought it would still be so unbearably painful at times.


I never thought I would become a better, stronger me. But I have. \r\n Before my caregiving journey started, I never imagined that I'd need to - or that I needed too. But caregiving brought so many difficult hurdles that I had to get over - this could only make me stronger. Even if it is not seen right away, or if it takes years to notice; surviving this journey, making the decisions that I had to make, and letting them go, takes a strength that I had to create. Becoming a better person was inevitable - I am more compassionate, I feel more deeply and I have a better awareness than I did before.


I never thought I would care so deeply, or be so passionate, or be so tired!!!


I never thought that, rather than struggle to overcome my basically selfish nature, I'd find myself missing it. Because I do! That part of me that actually puts my own needs and desires's gone AWOL. Maybe it's dead.\r\n\r\nAnd I feel like less of a human being now, but just a human doing.