Tell Us: "I Really Wish..."


Tell Us: "I Really Wish..."

I really wish I could see inside my parents' bodies to tell what's going on. My father wasn't feeling well a few weeks ago and a hospitalization found a liter of fluid in one of his lungs. Of course, the trip to the hospital happened after multiple trips to the doctor and too many days of trying to figure out what was wrong.

If I could just see inside, I could save us so much time.

What do you really wish for?

Tell us in our comments section, below.

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RoaringMouse 2.0

I really wish people who know nothing about the challenges we face would stop insisting that they know better then we do on how to address the needs of those we care for.


I really wish my mom and I could close our eyes and be on one of our fun trips..pain free, memory alert, in tact and present, and laughing about the silliest mundane things.


What is that exact cause of my Moms Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy along with High Anxiety and that our former medical supply company would of gave us notice that they could not supply her Nepro Tube Feeding Supplies any longer. We had to pay 600 dollars \"out of pocket\" up until we found a new medical supply company.

daffy don

My journey of recovery and discovery is in it's 4th month now. I am taking baby steps towards letting the old life go and embracing a new place for me. I am spending the summer in Butte MT. My wish is for others who are traveling on a similar journey is to find peace and a new start in life.

Lillie Fuller

I really wish I could know when my mom is in pain. She has a high pain tolerance and never complains.

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