Tell Us: "If I Hear (Insert) One More Time..."


Tell Us: "If I Hear (Insert) One More Time..."

person-802488_640We hear certain phrases on a regular basis, some every day. Sometimes, the phrases come from family members, co-workers, even our carees.

If I hear, "You know, you could do me a favor," one more time, I think I'll scream.

If I hear, "Oh, Denise can do that," I will hide in a closet.

What's the one phrase you hear regularly that really just grates on your nerve?

In our comments section, below, tell us what that phrase is that makes you crazy.

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Anthony Zullo

If I hear one more time I don't know how you do it. I just wonder sometimes what people are thinking when they say this. \nI don't think I do anything out of the ordinary.


Oh, another one (now my flood gates are open!). She (my Mom) is like your daughter now. Or It is like you are a Mom now. Or It is like having a daughter. NO IT ISN'T. It is like having a mother who has dementia. She is NOT my daughter and I am not her mother. That doesn't even help anyone to suggest that I should adopt that perspective. It sounds like asking me to step into insanity; to ignore reality.


Well, I guess I'll be going home now. (Mom- caree)\nHow's your Mom?\n


\"Tell me again what this medication is for.\" Oh, My. God. You've been taking it every day for the past two years. \n\n\"Can you do some laundry for me?\" For the umpteenth time, no. I know you hate doing laundry but you're perfectly capable of doing it and I'm kind of busy working two jobs.\n\n\"He looks good.\" Remind me not to get an opthamology referral from you. \n\n\"I know somebody who had pancreatic cancer and she was gone like that.\" Um, you can be quiet now. \n\n\"What is your husband's date of birth?\" If I tattoo it on my forehead, will you stop asking me?

TomB are some more now that the flood gate is open.\n\n\"Maybe daddy can [insert something I don't feel like doing at the moment]...\" Way to come up with an idea and throw me under the bus for it.\n\n\"I'll let you [insert another thing I don't feel like doing...\" You'll LET me? I'm the one who runs ALL the errands already.\n\n\"I don't know why you're tired. You got nine hours of sleep.\" Yes, and I also have gotten fewer than six hours of sleep most nights for the last four years.\n\n\"Can you get me [this thing]? I'd do it, but I have a cat on me.\" You won't disturb the cat, but you'll disturb your husband who also suffers from chronic pain...I see where I rank.\n\n\"I don't want to hear about your knee pain when you're out there squatting.\" I've gone over this so many times with you. Squatting makes my knee better. Walking makes it feel like it's slipping and going to come apart.

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