Tell Us: "I'm So Tempted to..."


Tell Us: "I'm So Tempted to..."

pralines-569096_640I'm often tempted to recruit.

Really "recruit" is my nice way of saying, "Getting others to be one my side and gang up against the other side."

Today, I am fighting the temptation to have my sister really and truly be on my side when it comes to Sibling. I want my younger sister to pledge her allegiance to me forever and ever. I want my younger sister to declare to Sibling that she's on my side and will never be on hers.

Oh, gosh, I'm so mature.

The temptation to recruit grows as my will power wanes, usually because of too little sleep and too much to do. I'm only tempted when I'm too tired to realize the folly of my temptation.

Luckily, I do come to my senses when I write it out, like I just did.

So, I'd love to know: What are you tempted to do which you won't do because it will only make your life more difficult? What are you tempted to do (or say) simply because the idea of doing it (or saying it) feels so wickedly good?

Share your temptation in our comments, below.

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I'm temped to find excuses to going places


Oops, p.s. \r\nI think she has chosen who she wants to take care of - and it's not her Dad.


Yes, Lillie, I agree.!! I feel like I helped her when she needed it, and now she says she's \"retired\". Although I think it's her way of bowing out gracefully. I don't think she can take care of her Dad the way she should, so used her anger against me and just said. \"I'm retired\" - she's 5 years younger and her sons are still with her - they are 32 and 38.


I work for a municipality and residents come in with some of the most petty, ridiculous, self-centered, and occasionally fraudulent gripes. I am so tempted to respond with \"Lady, my husband is dying, we're in debt, and we're going to lose the house at some point. I'm so terribly sorry I can't send someone to replace the mailbox you claim one of the town snowplows knocked down six months ago but for some strange reason are only reporting now.\"


My sister announced to me last May that she will no longer help me with Dad. She's \"retired\", she says. I haven't talked to her since them. ( she is a former care-giver) My two brothers are far away. \r\nShe brought up all kinds of \"injustices\" on my part. Says I'm a liar and a cheat, and am only taking care of Dad for the money. When I want some respite time, she resents that - saying I'm the one getting paid to do this, so I shouldn't have others help me....It's MY job.!! - That conversation in May is still an open wound...........I'm afraid that she has held stuff against me all of our lives, and that was her final straw when I asked if she would watch him for a few days, while I got away. I need to let this go. I don't see any way to solve this, I need to just let her go - she will always believe what she change will happen. She kicked me out of her house, and as far as I'm concerned - out of her life. Thank Heaven I have very supportive friends.

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