Tell Us: I'm So Tired Of...


Tell Us: I'm So Tired Of...


I'm so tired of communicating. I know that sounds horrible but I don't think I can send another text or email, answer another phone call or leave another voice message or confirm what I think I just heard the doctor said.

I appreciate the importance of our communication and am grateful for the real-time convenience of our technology. But, honestly, I could go for a day of simple peace.

How about you? What are you so tired of? Tell us what you're tired of in our comments section, below.


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Tired of calls from nurses. Tired of asking what meds my parents need, running across town to the pharmacy and back to assisted living, then next day having the nurse call to let me know they are out of another med. Tired of being the only one in state to do all this.


I am thankful that most people have been very understanding about the communication thing. They don't expect me to keep them posted every two seconds. \n\nWhat I am tired of: these serial hospitalizations for the past four months, the most recent one being last weekend. I know the nurses and doctors are just doing their jobs, but I am so sick of going over the same old spiel every time we go to the ER. Like this is my first rodeo. Look, this is an anxiety attack, people. Fine, take his vitals. I've already ruled out a temperature and you're going to find that his heart rate and blood pressure are mildly elevated. Fine, do an ultrasound. You will find that he has no gastric obstruction. The faint smile as I am told \"We're going to give your husband something for the nausea.\" I know. It's called Zofran. You're going to push 4 mg now and I want you to push another 4 in a half hour. Please don't bother telling me 4 mg is enough. Let me guess: next you're going to hang fluids and give him some Ativan. Let's just cut to the chase: for the pain give him Dilaudid, do not give him morphine. \n\nRinse and repeat.\n\nOK, done griping.


The communication can be overwhelming. Everyone wants to be on the top of your contact list and by phone not Facebook I developed a trickle down chart where I called a select six people and they would call the people connected to them. That just started a huge fight. So I finally said forget this and said, I am calling Gregg's daughter, his brother Aron, my mother and sister, the rest will be kept informed on Facebook.

Lillie Fuller

so tired of feeling like an idiot, feeling rejected and feeling used.


Boy, have I been there and know that feeling. I get tired of repeating myself to my mother. She forgets anything before one minute past. Although, last weekend was rough. I think the higher dose of aricept is working. She initiated her own teeth brushing last night before bed. She has been initiating conversation. She was telling her girlfriend, today, about her one caregiver, Tracey. These are milestones! Cueing someone in every activity can also get tiring. One last up stool!