Tell Us: I'm So Tired Of...


Tell Us: I'm So Tired Of...

frustrated-758722_640I'm tired today.

I have a feeling you may be, too.

So, I'd love to: What are you tired of? Is it a task or a responsibility? Is it a worry? The drudgery of the day?

Or are you just simply tired of being tired because you can't get enough sleep?

In our comments section, below, fill in the blank and tell us: I'm so tired of: ________.

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I'm just tired of it all. I'm tired of having resentment about the situation. I'm tired of feeling guilty. I'm tired of being solo in everything. We have NO family support and we haven't had friends since my partner became disabled. I'm tired of missing out on fun stuff because she doesn't feel like doing anything. We just finished a 34 day stint in hospital and rehabilitation facilities, so I'm tired of doctors, nurses, all the beeps and alarms. The locked wards, waiting to be buzzed in or out. Now have to deal with home health and I'm embarrassed that my house is a mess, but whatever time I was home I was sleeping. I'm tired of taking care of and cleaning up after her 2 dogs. I am just tired.


I\r\nI am tired of not getting enough sleep as my hubby doesnt sleep well at night that keeps me awake.I try to rest in the afternoon when he is online


I'm tired of feeling like my needs and wants don't matter. Between being a caregiver for my husband and caring for kids there is little time or energy for me. Plus not to mention others don't seem to realize that I feel like I am drowning.

Lillie Fuller

I'm tired of wondering and worrying.


I'm tired of the continual stress involved in caring for my father. He is becoming increasingly more difficult and plain mean. He says things that are difficult to take and he is always right. He is becoming more verbally abusive toward my mother and can be combative. He seems angry because she is in better health than he is. We get little support from his beloved siblings. In fact. His brother is the only one making an effort to support mom and me. I'm sorry if my post sounds harsh but I've had some very difficult days. Sleep brings me peace but I do very little of that for fear something might go wrong. I have song faith and I know my prayers will not go unanswered. Sorry ladies, I needed to vent. May God bless and give you strength