Tell Us: I'm So Tired of....


Tell Us: I'm So Tired of....

What wears you down these days?

What makes you want to stay in bed?

What makes you want to run away?

Tell us what just exhausts you in our comments section, below. We hope by venting to us you can find some energy to keep going.

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Well, that situation has already changed. I've got her in them 24/7. We had an...\"explosive\"...situation yesterday, so yeah. Unfortunately, I treated her like it was her fault. Fortunately, she really didn't take it that way. It just totally stressed me out in the moment. It was the first time.


I take care of my wife at home with advanced FTD (so I've been told). I'm tired of the constant slow trips to the bathroom. She doesn't know where it is anymore, and recently she may or may not actually have to go. I keep her in pullups during the day, but she complains that they hurt, so I let her wear regular underwear if I can keep an eye on her. I'm just tired.


I'm tired of everything being a battle, of \"no!\" being shouted at me no matter how simple the question/comment/directive, I'm tied of calling agencies and getting the run around

Lillie Fuller

I am sick of being sick! Enough is enough! The allergies are really kicking my behind these days. I've never been asthmatic and it seems I am now. I just want to feel better.


I'm tired of hearing \"we don't have the results yet\". I'm tired of scheduling appointments around my job instead scheduling my job around the appointments.

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