Tell Us: In Social Settings, Do You Say, "I Care for..."


Tell Us: In Social Settings, Do You Say, "I Care for..."

cocktailLast night during our Hot Topics talk show, @ejourneys, @kreisler, @jbones1961 and I had a wonderful conversation about this question:

If there are so many of you, why does caregiving still feel so lonely?

During our discussion, @ejourneys posed this question: You are at a cocktail party. Someone at the party approaches you and says, "Tell me about yourself." Do you tell him or her you are a family caregiver?

So, I'd love to know your answer. (And, for the sake of the question, suspend the reality of your situation and assume you are able to attend a cocktail party while your caree happily stays at home with quality care. And, just for the heck of it, I also am able to attend this cocktail party with you. We'll have fun.)

Share your comments about how you talk about your caregiving role in social situations and when you meet new people, below.


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I don't go to cocktail party either. But when I am ask about my caregiving life, I look at them and say it a day to day on what's going. Someday are better then other.