Tell Us: Is Caregiving Rewarding?


Tell Us: Is Caregiving Rewarding?

journey-117525_640Last night, I shared an article, "No Caregiving Is Not Rewarding. It Simply Sucks," on our Facebook fan page (Caregiving Support). The author, who cares for her husband, receives a pamphlet during her husband's hospitalization which tells her she is "embarking on a rewarding journey."

To which she writes, "I have to admit, that line gave me the first laugh I’ve had in the three weeks since my husband wound up in the ER. I suspect I guffawed so loudly that I woke up the patient in the next room."

The article, written from a family caregiver entrenched in the system, speaks to how insensitive the system can really be about what a family caregiver goes through. "For the past three weeks," she writes, "I have done battle with social workers, challenged doctors, and screamed at more people than I can keep track of. I am the Bitch Wife of the very sick man in room 5029."

The comments about the article on our Facebook page have been really interesting to read. And, that leads me to wonder your answer to this question: Is caregiving a rewarding experience?

What do you think? Please share your thoughts and experiences in our comments section, below.

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I totally can relate. This is not the life I had expected, my wife will be 52 this month. Tomorrow we have out 9th anniversary. I have lived the last 7 years enduring all that has gone on with her. I have watched doctor after doctor who really did not give a crap except to take your money(insurance and yours) and move on to the next victim. We too lived in a mobile home that was falling apart. Finally manage to move out of it with my job and give her and our 4 furbabies a better place so I thought to live. Then we are stuck with a sorry ass excuse for a landlord. It's seems we will never get out of the nightmare existence and NORMAL will never be.


As a professional caregiver in a facilty or home setting, I found it very rewarding. \r\nRewarding means: gratifying, pleasing, satisfying, fullfilling, benificial, worthwhile.....and in that setting \"rewarding\" fits.\r\nAs a spouse caring for my DH, \"rewarding\" is not the word I would use. I would use \"refining\". \r\nRefining means: improve, perfect, polish, fine tune, remove impurities or unwanted elements..... \r\nIn that sense, yes it is definiately \"refining\" my love and committment to him, in sickness. He has never been seriously ill in 46 years of marriage. Now we face new challenges, frustrations, and heart aches as never before. Expierienceing this disease distroy the man I love, is not what I call rewarding, its \"refining\". Refining my attitude, character, spirituality, as we deal with this cruel, unpredictable desease together.


No, caregiving is not rewarding. It's frustrating, exhausting, endless, soul-deadening, and thankless. And the weight of my caregiving responsibilities has adversely affected my health and my life.


Deborah, I think you nailed it. In the case of my MIL that I cared for years of 24/7, who had dementia and lived way past any quality of life, was very different from the 3 months I helped care for my best friend in her short battle with cancer. I don't know if I could quite call it rewarding, but it was a priveledge to be there with her in the last days of her life and help her in anyway I could.


Your last line sums it up for me. ...that thought is what gets me through the lonely moments and the \"daily grind.\"

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