Tell Us: Is Caregiving Your Toughest Life Experience?


Tell Us: Is Caregiving Your Toughest Life Experience?

This morning, B. Smith, fashion model, restaurateur, TV host and lifestyle guru who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's four years, appeared on the Today Show with her husband, Dan Gasby. You can watch their appearance via the video, below.

During the interview, Dan spoke about how difficult it is to be a family caregiver--"the toughest thing I've ever had to do," he said. "To learn the greatest language of all--patience--that's the toughest thing."

I wonder, Is caregiving your toughest life experience? And, what's been the toughest part for you?

Tell us in our comments section, below.

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Yes, I would say so far it has been my toughest life experience. Taking care of mom and dad as they entered their 90's and started a steady decline. By far the hardest thing I had to do during that time was to call my mother (who was in a rehab facility in their home town of Concord, NH) and tell her that my father (her husband of 67 years) had died in the nursing home where we had moved him in anticipation of her moving to Massachusetts where I lived. She was too ill to come down again to visit him when he was placed on hospice care and hadn't seen him in over two months.


Caregiving has provided some of the toughest moments for me - our daughter being born at 28 weeks then going through kidney stones from age 3 to 7, kidney infections and sepsis, vertigo, ototoxicity and oscillopsia from the antibiotic used to save her life. This was probably the most challenging time in my life.Our daughter could not transition from being upright to being in bed because of her vertigo. I rocked her to sleep until she was 7 years old. These health challenges created a lot of anxiety for her, too, which she still battles at age 22.


Caring for my Grandpa was tough but an honor. Losing him was the toughest part. It was losing a father, grandfather and best friend all at once. My grandmother and I never had a close connection so taking care of her seems so much tougher.


I think it is the 2nd hardest experience in my life. Watching and waiting through such a slow, drawn-out decline from dementia, constantly guessing our way through the experience. It was the constant wearing down, the increasingly more challenging situations that consumed my mind and body. Each stage brought about new challenges. But I was so bless, to have my soulmate with me and we shared the load. If ever faced with my honey being the caree, i think my heart would break... I don't even like to imagine that... what Pegi and Hussy face.


Oh <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@worriedwife</a> it breaks my heart to read this. I know how you feel. The inexorable march. All the little daily losses. Sometimes I can hardly bear to look back over my shoulder and see how far we've come since we stepped through the door into our new life.

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