Tell Us: Is This Also Your Season of Sorrow?


Tell Us: Is This Also Your Season of Sorrow?

winter-495043_640Today, Donna Thomson, who cares for her son Nicholas, and Jane Northrop, who cares for her daughter, joined me for our Friday video chat. We talked about the upcoming holidays, holiday stress and loneliness. (Watch our chat, Caring for Children.

During our chat, Jane shared that she feels differently about the holidays and said how difficult it was to feel the holiday spirit in 2010, the year Nicole was diagnosed. Donna added that she has had holidays that she celebrated, even when she didn't feel joy in her heart.

I think the this season of joy can become a season of sorrow. How do you feel about the upcoming holiday season? Tell us about your thoughts and worries about the holiday season.

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I cringe each time I see a holiday-themed commercial advertising sales of items I need or would like to be surprised by under a Christmas tree. I yo-yo between acting like Scrooge to thoroughly enjoying Christmas movies and music. I feel the spirit and believe. Holidays were always difficult for me as a child. A product of divorce at the age of three, I was always split in an unpleasant way. It eased as I grew. I had very happy times with my grandparents and family friends. I dreamed about this stage of my life being the time I could enjoy them on my own terms. Life threw me another curve ball. I have one grandparent left who resides in skilled nursing care. She isn't able to talk, which makes it difficult. My mother prefers not to decorate or participate in anything festive, while I think it may help to bring some cheer. I really do like holidays. Unfortunately, I am on my own with it. I would much rather avoid a battle. Sorrow develops as a result of what is no more and what is right now. (I'm searching the files in my brain for a funny!)

Lillie Fuller

I'm not very happy about the holiday, I get testy eyed just talking about it and thinking about it. I don't do holidays well, or my birthday!