Tell Us: On a Bad Caregiving Day, What's Your Must-Have Comfort?


Tell Us: On a Bad Caregiving Day, What's Your Must-Have Comfort?

city-713775_640Last night, we gathered on Twitter for our twice-a-month #carechat. We discussed our caregiving must-haves.

I loved our conversation and thought it would be fun to bring it here, too. So, for the next five days, I'll ask you to share a caregiving must-have.

Let's start with your must-have comfort on a bad caregiving day. When it all goes wrong, what helps you bring it back to right? Who reminds you that you can? What (or who ) brings you a perspective that gives you the strength to continue?

In our comments section, below, please share your must-have comfort after a bad caregiving day.

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My comfort is to get on and write about it especially if others write in saying that they get what I am complaining about.

Lillie Fuller

a soft pillow, a nice cool comforter, a good book and a little bit of candy! total comfort! during a hard day, it's a nice soft place to take a break!


A comforting phone conversation with a compassionate, wise friend to vent, lament, explore, laugh, and regain perspective.


Also, chocolate ice cream. It's an instant betterizer!!


My chaplet of st Michael prayer beads.\r\nAnd a good book or two.