Tell Us: The Music that Defines Your Caregiving Journey


Tell Us: The Music that Defines Your Caregiving Journey


Do you have favorite tunes that inspire, calm or motivate you through your caregiving journey? If you do, we want to know what they are! Please share your favorite song titles and artists in the comments section, below, so that we can build a musical soundtrack to support the Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference in November in Chicago!

It doesn't matter the genre, the style or the decade it's from. Just tell us.

NCC19 is introducing a new track this year called:

       Policy & Advocacy for Family Caregivers: Empower. Act. Transform.

You may not find policy or advocacy the most interesting topic in the world. Or you may simply consider it "not your thing". However, you are likely more of an activist than you think you are.

In addition to caring for your family member, have you ever:

  • Shared stories about your caregiving highs and lows with others?

  • Just read or fully engaged in social networking about caregiving?

  • Talked at work about what’s required from you in your role as caregiver?

  • Listened to a podcast about care and thought you had things to share, too.

  • Created/launched a caregiving business, side hustle or engaged in volunteer activity around caregiving?

  • Written an article, a blog or a book about caregiving?

  • Found yourself speaking in small groups or even a large arena (or anything in between) about the challenge of caregiving?

  • Written a post, a letter to a doctor, to an insurance company, a letter to the editor or to your representative about something that needs to be changed in health care, health policy, insurance rules, regulations, facility care or paperwork/forms that could make the act of care better for you and / or your loved one?

You are already an activist!

Please join us November 8thand 9th. You’ll have an opportunity to learn, to share with those who understand your journey, to get more active than you are today or to enhance the role you already play as an activist in helping to transform caregiving for those of us now in it and for those who will come after us.

During the Policy & Advocacy for Family Caregivers Track we’ll play your favorite tunes in between talks by our amazing nationally known speakers. Share the songs you'd love to hear in our comments section, below.

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I wrote a blog post on this website that posted 9/16/2015, called \"Battle of the Bands\". That sums it up for me.

Lisa B Capp

My favorite caregiving tune is Titanium by Sia. Although EDM is not my favorite genre, the lyrics move me. \"Shoot me down, but I won't fall. I am titanium,\" are the lines that gave me strength in the dark hours of my caregiving journey.