Tell Us: "There's No Way..."


Tell Us: "There's No Way..."

We try to be positive, to keep the faith, to look for the silver lining.

But then we have a day that corners us, leaves us in a boat without a paddle, puts us where the sun don't shine.

That's when we can't help but think:

"There's no way..."

Tell us: How would you complete the sentence? In our comments section, below, fill in the blank: There's no way ________.

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There's no way that I could be caregiving my husband with an open heart and a full desire. Our marriage has never been a healthy marriage. There were many painful times. Now I can see that he may have been having early symptoms of FTD but at the time it seemed he was a person who simply could not express his emotions and thought only of himself yet I knew that if he loved anyone in this world, he loved me. He had a horrible childhood and that showed up in every area of our marriage. I asked God what I should do and He always said, \"Love him!\" This made me so angry. I thought, \"What about me?\" Years passed and I grew in Christ and I grew in sobriety and I stayed in the marriage. I began to be less angry. We still had so little in common but Robert is old Italian Catholic and he revered me even if he did not know how to love me. There's no way that I would have dreamed that my heart would be changed and that the change would come before the FTD symptoms became undeniable. I asked God to let me know what He wanted me to do, yet one more time, He let me know that he wanted me to love Robert for Him. Finally something I knew I could do with an open heart. Shortly after that Robert began losing the ability to walk, drive, lots of pain in his back, looking like the village drunk with facial expessions and slurred words. To make a long story short, it has been a number of years now and we have been to many doctors, he has been in three nursing homes with physical therapy available. The disease has cost him any ability to fish or to have a desire to go out. I am his full time caregiver. I want to be his full time caregiver. Something has changed between us. He tells me thank you and that he loves me and I ask him what he needs and I try to make that happen. People who know me wonder why I have stayed with him. People who know me do not know that there was no way I could be doing any of this if I were the same person he married. But I am not the same person he married and I am honored to be God's conduit of love into his life. It is hard. I am exhausted much of the time. We are blessed in so many ways with supportive friends, supportive church family, supportive neighbors and social workers. There's no way I should be able to count all the blessings in our life today but they are plentiful and they keep coming and coming. Mostly in small ways, unexpected ways, tender ways that make me want to cry.\r\nRobert is in a slump with the FTD right now which means his symptoms have begun changing again. Our new normal is being replaced with a new normal. Honestly, there is no way having Robert at home should be working out.There is no way that I am strong enough to accept that this is a journey with one end. There's no way there is a woman like Denise in this world to create this site to offer such deep comfort and lifelong friendships. In a program I attend they often say \"you can't get there from here\" and there is no way I could have gotten here from where I was yet here I am and I am happy and am sad and I despair and Iam human yet here I am. There's no way! There is simply no way!


There's no way darkness will thrive with light.

Lillie Fuller

There's no way I'm letting someone else take over now!


There's no way I'm going to give up and let this defeat us.