Tell Us: Today, I Wish...


Tell Us: Today, I Wish...

night_starsThe post @hansolosslavegirl about the Northern Lights made me think of the beauty of our night sky and the good fortune to have friends who come through to grant us our wishes. (Read After EXTREME Caregiving: Peaceful Transitions.)

We often focus on talking about our wishes after our life ends. What if we gave some thought to our wishes today? Perhaps focusing on what we wish for today could help us better focus on what we need for today.

So, what the heck, let's try it. What do you wish for today?

Tell us about your wish for today in our comments section, below. And, if a wish comes true, come back and tell us.

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I wish and hope things continue to run smoothly.


I wish someone would call me up and say \"I'd like to come over and spend three hours cleaning your house. What would be a good time?\"


Today I wish my Mom would just fake it and say, I would love to go get my nails done today at daycare. They have fried chicken for lunch, and I love that, would you please take me? Instead of, No, I won't go unless you force me to get in the car.


Today I wish I can put my procrastinating ways aside, get more done and feel good about it.


Thanks! I did get some done last night!

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