Tell Us: What Brings on the Guilt?


Tell Us: What Brings on the Guilt?

gavel-568417_640You have to be two places at the same time. Because that's impossible, you have to make a choice as to which place you'll be. You're physically present in that one place but the guilt means you're really thinking about the other place.

Or, you have a day during which you don't have the energy to do all that's required. You decide to give yourself a break, which means your caree stays in pajamas all day. Enter the guilt,  which completely ruins the break.

Maybe it's been such a long day that you just don't have the patience to finish out the day with a cheery disposition. When your caree asks that same question one more time, you snap. That night, when you should be sleeping because you desperately need sleep, you lay awake, riddled by guilt.

For you, what brings on the guilt? Share your thoughts and experiences in our comments section, below.

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Lillie Fuller

I feel guilty when I'm in a funk or when I don't feel good. I know my mom senses my mood, how I feel, but I don't ever want her to think it's because of her. It's not often that I get like this, even without sleep I can still function normally and be pleasant with my mom. I try to reassure her that it isn't her.


Everything these days! \r\nAm I doing enough for my husband regarding his care, am I being a good mom to my son, spending enough time with my aging parents, keeping my Employer satisfied?


I come home from a nonstop afternoon of spending time with Mom, helping her and interacting with her paid caregivers. The Alzheimer's symptoms often leave me feeling drained and destroyed. She will not remember Dad has died, can't find the bathroom in her own apartment, puts shoes on and then socks over them. Such a lovely wonderful person and such a cruel disease. So when I get home to my husband, I collapse on the couch. I just don't feel like talking for a while, maybe fall asleep. He is the love of my life. I want to be present for him too.


Hum, there were so many. But I think the #1 was on days when we didn't get her out of bed and put her into the recliner to join us rather than leaving her in her room. Even though the transfers became total lifts and it was physically detrimental to my back, I still felt guilty. Then I would feel guilty because I didn't spend enough time sitting with her in her bedroom when we didn't get her up.