Tonight: What Do You Need?


Tonight: What Do You Need?

needAn awesome benefit of belonging to a community is that someone usually has an answer or resource or suggestion for a problem.

So, tonight, on Your Caregiving Journey, we're taking advantage of our collective wisdom to help you get what you need. Give us a call at (646) 652-4944 during our show, which airs at 8 p.m. ET (7 p.m. CT, 5 p.m. PT), and tell us what you need. Our show usually lasts 30 minutes but we can go as long as we need.

You can listen to our live show and join the chat room here.

Tonight, tell us what you need.


--When you need company during a wait in the hospital or doctor's office or a bad day, we've got WAIT Buddy volunteers.
--When you need someone to check in on you, we've got Phone Buddy volunteers.
--When you've got supplies and equipment you want to sell or donate, we've got Classifieds.
--When you need motivation to start moving, we've got our VRide group.
--When you need help trying to find the good in the day, we've got our Three Positives group.
--When you need to remind yourself you're not alone, we've got blogs of family caregivers.
--When you need to vent, we've got groups (and many are private so your vent stays just with us.)
--When you need comfort, we've got comforts.
--When you've got questions, we'll get you answers.

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