Tell Us: What Do You Think You Should Do But Don't?


Tell Us: What Do You Think You Should Do But Don't?

cleaning-268112_640Yesterday morning, I listened to a discussion on one of our local radio stations about a survey of moms. The survey asked mothers, "What do you think you should do but don't?"

The moms responded that they think they should exercise but don't, they think they should have crafts at the ready for the kids but don't. The point of the conversation is that we put pressure on ourselves to be absolutely perfect when it's absolutely impossible.

So, I'd love to know: As a family caregiver, what do you think you should do but don't? What's the nagging thought about your own self-care or about the care you provide for a family member or friend? What's the worry about something you think you should do during the day but don't because of the lack of time or resources?

Tell us in our comments section, below.

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I think I should call and drop by my parents' house more often.


I should care more. Seems like somewhere recently my \"want to\" turned into \"HAVE to\" & I don't like this me very much.

Anthony Zullo

I should fix healthier meals \nI should make my husband do more.\nI should think.more of myself.\nI think I should make more time for my sisters .


I should do better about getting my folks out of their apartment and over for family dinners.


I should do a better job of staying on top of my own self-care. I should do a better job of organizing our paperwork. I have made recent improvements on both fronts, but there is still room for improvement. :)