Tell Us: What Do You Want the Health Care System to Know?


Tell Us: What Do You Want the Health Care System to Know?

medic-563425_640We're celebrating you during November, which is National Family Caregivers Month.

As we close out the month, let's talk about what you'd like organizations and communities to know about what you do.

Let's start with the health care system.

What would you like the health care system to know about what you do as you care for your family member or friend? What would you like doctors, nurses, hospital administration, insurance carriers and office staff about your experiences? And, how could they better help you?

Share what you'd like the health care system to know if our comments section, below.

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Listen, LOOK AT HISTORIES available to them, communicate with other providers, enforce universal precautions ie. hand washing, treat us like we are not ignorant yet keep us informed of all options and issues, be honest about prognosis.\n\nWe had a home care physician who would actually answer questions with, \n\"I can tell you one thing for certain, either it is or either it isn't.\" That was it, no further answer.\nAnd we heard that more than once.


Dear Health Care Provider: Please do more listening and less preaching. Please remember that just as you have important information to share with the Caregiver, so too does the Caregiver have valuable information to share with you.