Tell Us: What Does Caregiving Teach About Love?


Tell Us: What Does Caregiving Teach About Love?

We talk about the challenges we face during caregiving -- finding the money, getting the help, cutting red tape, finding the strength, learning to cope.

I think we may encounter a challenge around love. We may change how we feel about those we once loved because they left during our toughest time. We may have days when we can barely love ourselves much less another.

So, I'd love to know from your perspective: What does caregiving teach about love? Please share your thoughts and perspectives in our comments section, below.

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Lillie Fuller

Caregiving taught me so very much about unconditional love! Caring for my mom and the \"I Love You's\" were so special. More special now I think than then. Caregiving deepens our ability to show love and to be love.


Caregiving has been a path to love between my husband and me. In that respect, it has been the best thing that could have happened for us. Our marriage was a marriage in name only and I would have been long gone were it not for my faith and knowing that God wanted me right where I was and that kept me here. As Robert's illness developed and intensified my resentments and anger dissolved. I don't know how to explain that other than God made a way. I believe Robert has been able to experience love from me in a way that he never knew love and I have been able to have a relationship with him that has been freed of all the hurt and neediness in me. Caregiving is a sacrificial love. I have no adequate words to describe the depth of that love. It is certainly not of my natural self and there are days when my natural self-reigns supreme so I know the difference. Caregiving is teaching me to care for myself also. I have always been a strong woman and prided myself on being able to handle anything. Caring for my husband and continuing to care for him has been far more than my \"strong\" self can handle. I have learned to ask for help, to admit that I don't know what to do next and to receive help when offered, Love is nothing like I thought it was at one time. I am eternally grateful that I have found a love for my husband, for those around me and received it back in kind. The love I know today as a result of caregiving is deep, vulnerable, beyond words and beyond boundaries. It is joyful, difficult, enduring, gentle and tough as nails. I am forever grateful for this learning.


Caregiving is Love. (A Labor of Love... for sure) You Love and Protect the person you care for. When there is anger, frustration and tempers flare, the Love outweighs the negative outright.


As my hubby and I find our way together through his Parkinson's symptoms, we've seen how our Love bears, believes, hopes and endures all things. We have been learning just how much our love for each other allows for forgiveness almost daily.


\"You can love completely without complete understanding.\" This is from Norman Maclean, A River Runs Through It. But, this quote represents my experience with caregiving during the past 13+ years in multiple ways.

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