Tell Us: What Has Been Taken Away Because of Caregiving?


Tell Us: What Has Been Taken Away Because of Caregiving?

gone-with-the-wind-260335_640Earlier this week, I wrote about how I hate to ask for help because I fear that I'll lose what I love to do.

Yesterday, I received an email about an activity I love to do--co-host #eldercarechat--and asking me if I was up to continuing. It was the email I dreaded receiving and worked so hard to not happen.

I explained that I can continue and will continue. But, oh, my heart dropped. It may seem like something kinda silly--it's just a chat on Twitter--but it's important to me. I co-founded it, I help drive its content, I enjoy it. I want to keep it.

We've often spoken about how caregiving takes so much of our time that we struggle to find the time we need for what and who we love. And, sometimes, we lose what we love and not by our choice. Another decides we can't so takes it away.

I'm curious: What's been taken away from you because of your caregiving responsibilities?

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gena Haynes

I really miss my freedom of being able to come and go without having to get someone to watch my Mother or hurry right back before she realizes I have left the house or something goes wrong and I miss the person my Mother use to be. She was so independent and I was trying to learn that from her although she never let me get very far away. Now we are tied together or rather chained together as if both in prison on a life sentence. If one goes down, we both go down. I don't know where she ends and I begin any more. I can't breathe and she can't seem to breathe without me watching her do it. I don't understand it. I just wish I could step away for a moment or two. She gets so upset when I do, even if it's to go get medication for her. I don't miss other people, I just miss being me for a little while.