Tell Us: What Has Disappeared for You During Caregiving?


Tell Us: What Has Disappeared for You During Caregiving?

mist-641433_640On Sunday, during our #carechat on Twitter, we discussed how to keep your life during a life of caregiving. During a discussion about what disappears during caregiving, one of our participants shared that meals out have disappeared. Every night means a meal in, with him cooking and cleaning, because they can't go out for a meal.

I think everyone who cares for a family member or friend has an activity or relationship or event, like meals out, that disappears. Often times, though, it only disappears to you--no one else may ever notice.

So, today, let's talk about what disappears during caregiving. In our comments section, below, tell us about what's now gone.

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gena Haynes

My life has disappeared. I don't go out except to the doctor or groceries. There is just Mom and I. Sometimes my daughter brings my granddaughters by or ask me to baby-sit. That just complicates this process more I am sorry to say. I think I have grown numb lately, just responding to my Mothers wants and demands. I don't know any more.


The most hurtful loss for me was when my long term relationship came to an end after 7 years.\r\nI'm so sad that the person that said they loved me left me because I didn't spend enough time with them. What???? I keep telling myself better to know what a person is made of now rather than later.\r\nI love my parents and never thought that there would be people out there that somehow look the other way when people need them the most!\r\nI will be ok but what a shock!!!\r\nI always said I will gladly give my time so Dad can have the rest of his time happy and at home.\r\nThank you to all caregivers who give their love and time!!!!


I was a very active member in our local music scene, played fiddle in a popular Celtic band, sat in on sessions, went to see live music regularly supporting local bands along with my husband. Most of that has gone, although I try very hard to keep a toe in with my old band. And when he is up to it, we do try to get out and see local bands when we can.


No more pedicures! :( I loved the pampering -- someone taking care of me for a change. These cloven hooves of mine are far from summer sandal-ready, I can tell you that! :)

Lillie Fuller

My gym membership has disappeared!\r\nPeople who I thought were my friends are no more!\r\nI've lost my Bi Monthly lunch dates with a great friend. \r\nBUT.. I've learned so much!