Tell Us: What Have You Snuck in for Your Caree?


Tell Us: What Have You Snuck in for Your Caree?

cocktail-594173_640During one of our evening chats this week, we happened on a conversation about what we've snuck into a hospital or nursing home for our caree.

We're not sneaking in cakes with knives to break them out. But it's something we're not really sure would be part of an approved diet but something we know will help our caree. Perhaps a small slice of a brownie, a favorite cocktail, a bottle of beer.

It's not about derailing their recovery but about bringing them a taste of home.

So, what have you snuck in to a hospital or nursing home for your caree? Tell us in our comments section, below.

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For Mom, I either sneak in a small ice cream treat or take her out for one now and then. Dad found others to sometimes smuggle in chocolate for him, but I sometimes brought potato chips and homemade treats, though nothing ever fully loaded as he had heart failure and hard-to-control diabetes. We made marinated flank steak on the facility grill for him for his last Father's Day with us. That was a big hit.


After reading the comments_mysql on this one, I realized I didn't understand the question. I wanted to respond with \"XANAX\" because I have been known to SNEAK it into his daily pills when he's especially ornery. Um ... oops. :P


I wouldn't call it sneaking stuff into the hospital, so much as providing him with healthy options that his gi tract could handle. The jello in the hospital has high fructose corn syrup in it which aggravates his acid reflux. So I made jello for him using the microwave, baby juice, and gellatin. Some sweet friends stopped by the whole foods store and found some healthy soup for him with natural ingredients as opposed to the campbell's canned broth they brought (which has to high of a sodium content for him) One friend's husband made some carrot, apple, yogurt smoothies for him which we put in the hospital fridge. I brought Miso soup and flowering tea from the Japanese restaurant. All in hopes that his stomach would be happy. The hospital food options are not the best choice for someone with a major Crohn's disease flare. After a 2 week stay and another time rejecting the option to get him on biologics, he was sent home with a more feasible option to getting his Crohn's disease flare under control.


When my dad was in the hospital or rehab my mother always sneaked in a Dry Manhattan for him. When mom was in rehab I sneaked in a Dry Manhattan but always brought her cheddar cheese and Town House Crackers. She never had a cocktail without something to snack on. What was really funny was when her doctor wrote an order for her to have a cocktail every night before dinner when she was in rehab in New Hampshire. I'm not sure the nurses liked being cocktail waitresses, but I mixed up the drinks a batch at a time and they kept it with the narcotics!


My mother loved chocolate. Every week I took her snack size snickers or butterfingers.

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