Tell Us: What Keeps You Centered?


Tell Us: What Keeps You Centered?

boat-691804_640A caregiving experience can toss you into the deep end of the ocean without floaties, a compass or a life raft.

You can feel adrift and lost.

Something, though, or someone acts like an anchor, centering us when we would otherwise flail about.

What keeps you centered?

In our comments section, below, please let us know how you stay centered during caregiving.

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I've found meditation to be very helpful. I also try to get out an fly fish on Sunday mornings, and that is very restorative.


My fur babies and my BFF are both always there and always know what to do. Nothing like a sloppy kiss from a pup to know all is well.


For me it's my faith in God, nature, and animals.


Doing something creative, sewing, drawing, designing. Or simple repetitive tasks like weeding the garden, or sanding and painting -- where my mind just focuses on the project. And nature has always given me grounding -- the air, the water, the plants....


I feel centered after writing.\r\n\r\nI feel centered when I spend time in anything unrelated to caregiving--a trip to the grocery store, a drive in the car, anything that's not about ostomy bags and UTIs. :) The break that reminds me that life continues is just what I need to get back into caregiving.

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