Tell Us: What Tests Your Faith?


Tell Us: What Tests Your Faith?

Caregiving certainly tests your faith.

Sometimes, you can find your faith. Sometimes, you feel like you've lost it for good. Other times, you feel like it's constantly tested.

I'd love to know: What tests your faith? Perhaps something you experienced a few years ago still causes you to wonder whether to believe. Maybe something that happened yesterday caused you to question how you can continue to keep the faith.

In our comments section, below, please share what tests your faith. And, if you'd like, please share how you find it again.

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My Mom broke her hip in 2013, since then I've been basically her legs and things changed for us and turned up the volume on my Caregiving role. Then she was hospitalized 7 times from August 2015 to August 2016. Two of them were long, 55 days and 35 days. In August 2015 I saved her life with CPR and her Doctor at the time told me it's like \"Divine Intervention\" and I did a good job in a scary situation. I spent 15 plus hours everyday with her during the hospitalizations and was told by a Physical Therapist during that time that I \"Carry My Cross With Grace\" and was told many times by Nurses and Techs that \"God is going to take extra special care of me\" So those words stick with me when I'm getting worn and gives me endurance to keep going.


My beliefs, which I thought were very strong and solid, flew through the window 9 years ago, about the same time my mom started into her psychotic episode and I found out from my cousin that mom had had a baby at age 20 and was forced to give him up for adoption. At the same time, I had several friends trying to process their more than challenging lives, lives which made Job look like he had it easy. I'm much better at handling my own challenges, but hearing all these stories and feeling cheated out of a brother... well, I've found bits of my faith again that come and go, but I've never really gotten it back.


no water, no internet, bad headaches...When all of those things happen in one day when my Mom has stomach issues and I have a report due online and I really need to chat with my caregiving friends. When it starts to feel like \"Are you kidding me\"..Then I have someone from this group pop into my life at that moment when I need it, or my husband brings in water to make coffee, or my mom just smiles...and I remember enough is good enough today.