Tell Us: What Will You Get Over?


Tell Us: What Will You Get Over?

climb-788660_640Today is National Get Over It Day. (I love that @lillie keeps us posted on these often kooky national days during our evening chat.)

So, what will you get over?

What has been holding you hostage? How will you set yourself free? What will you just finally get over?

Tell us what you'll get over in our comments section, below.

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I'll get over my Mom's telling me (and everyone else) to \"get over it!!\" She's been doing all her life and it's not gonna change. Ever. (But God help you if you tell her the same)


I'm going to get over worrying so much about what could happen next.

Lillie Fuller

I will finally get over thinking that my sister will ever be involved with my mom's care! This is my SOLO journey with Mom and I will fully embrace that!