Tell Us: What Will You Stop?


Tell Us: What Will You Stop?

Flowers_001Last month, while preparing our free webinar, Moving from Sacrifice to Compromise, I ran across Dr. Phil's 10 Life Laws. In an article about his Life Laws, he suggested questions we can ask ourselves in order to make positive changes in our day. I can't recall all the questions because I can only remember one:

What will you stop doing today?

For some reason, this idea of stopping really hit me. I'm always starting--a new idea, a new group, a new way to help. But, I often don't look at what needs to stop in my day.

I gave this question some thought and realized I need to stop Taking It Personally.

Now, I often talk about this--that we may take it personally when life takes a turn we don't want. I don't take my life personally. But I realized I do take what happens in my life personally.

So, a few weeks ago, I decided not to take anything personally which, of course, showed me how much I took personally. Not taking it personally--and "it" means what others do, say, choose--has been energizing for me.

Not taking it personal means I don't make it personal which means I'm much more open to opportunities and possibilities. What I viewed as threats (he or she does it so much better than me, he or she will get what I want, he or she will take what I need) now become opportunities. I now wonder: How can I connect with that individual in a way that benefits both of us? It also means taking a risk--putting myself out there by asking for what I want--is now easier. If I don't receive what I want today, it's not personal. It's not because I'm not good enough or smart enough or doing enough. It just simply is. So I just continue to try.

When others win, I don't lose. When others gain, I don't get left behind. God doesn't keep score, giving and taking from a list. He (or She) simply gives. So, why wouldn't I simply give and receive as I continue to try my best?

Rather than feeling like I'm persecuted, I now feel I'm blessed. I have people in my life who can show me how to get what I want. They aren't in my life to take from me but to give to me.

So, I'm wondering: What will you stop today? What thought or assumption or action which hurts you will you stop doing today? Please share yours in our comments section, below.

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Pegi, I can especially identify with the \"not biting\" part! My partner often becomes worked up over things, with occasional paranoia to boot. I've learned to recognize when she just needs to rant or when she's responding out of fear.


I so wish you could take a break and your husband could get good care while you do. \r\n\r\nI'm going to make that wish for you every day. :)