Tell Us: What Would You Delegate (If You Could)?


Tell Us: What Would You Delegate (If You Could)?

legs-434918_640Last week Tom (@tcbarrett3rd) wrote about care for the family caregiver. His post made me think about how nice it would be to be the passenger once in awhile. I'm happy to drive my parents but sometimes that passenger seat just looks like a happy place to be.

I'd love, once in awhile, to delegate driving.

What about you? If you could delegate a task or responsibility, what would it be?

Tell us what you'd dump, if you could, in our comments section, below.

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I would be SO grateful if my daughter and son-in-law would offer, just ONCE since Mom was diagnosed with AD 7 years ago and especially in the past few years as it has gotten worse.... that they stop telling me about how busy their lives are between work, social events and parties they have to go to, etc, etc, etc, and to just ONCE look after Mom in their home and give me one week-end free. Three months ago they went on a 6 week overseas vacation. Next week they go on a short 'refresher' week-end with my 8 year old Granddaughter for a week 'break' down to Cape Town. They even tell me about all their holidays and show me the photo's when they are back and inside I just feel that I am totally crumbling with the strain and pressure of it all but they are totally clueless just how much even one free week-end every 6 months or so would mean for my frayed nerves.


I am beyond thrilled that I'm being given the opportunity, starting one week ago, to dump some of my housekeeping responsibilities, the bane of my domestic existence. (I'll gladly do laundry and yard work and take care of the furry menagerie, but I despise dusting and vacuuming and bathtub scrubbing and such. And with caretaking, a full time job and two part time jobs, staying on top of the cleaning is nigh on impossible. Unless somebody comes up with a plan to include more than 24 hours in day.) Anyway, my husband had a surprise for me -- he is bartering studio time with a woman who owns a housekeeping service. Last Tuesday when I brought my husband home from his latest hospital stay I opened the front door to an immaculate house. It. Was. Awesome. No, it was BEYOND awesome. My husband was highly entertained by my gleeful capering about the house as I enjoyed every pristine room to the fullest. The service is going to come every two weeks and I am on cloud nine! :)


I'd like to delegate bath-time/bed-time for our 4 year old. I've been doing it every night for the last 4 years, and a break would be nice.