Tell Us: What Would You Like to Say to that Unsupportive Family Member?


Tell Us: What Would You Like to Say to that Unsupportive Family Member?

truth-166853_640Maybe it's your sibling. Maybe it's one of your adult children. Maybe it's Aunt Molly who lives across the country.

There's one family member who seems to share just the wrong suggestion, offer just the worst comment or simply say just what makes you crazy.

Perhaps you respond diplomatically or graciously. Perhaps you simply roll your eyes and leave the room or end the phone call.

But, you've got words sitting on the edge of your tongue you'd love to release.

So, tell us: What would you like to say to that unsupportive family member?

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gena Haynes

It's best I say nothing, because too much might come out. I'm sure my brother has his reason for why he is not more actively involved. Perhaps he thinks its a girls job. He wants me to put Mom in a Nursing Home and I have not followed his advice, so I am on my own in caring for her. The Primary Care Physician treats me the same way. So, I'm trying to honor my Mother's wishes and allow her to stay in her own home and I stay wish her, day and night. I'm doing the best I can, but God is near.


Shocking as this may sound, it is NOT all about you.


Don't come crying to me when your children abandon you, they learned that behavior from you.

Lillie Fuller

Get Your Big Girl Panties On!


Until you walk a day in my shoes, don't judge me.