Tell Us: What Would You Like Your House of Worship to Know?


Tell Us: What Would You Like Your House of Worship to Know?

open-book-981405_640We’re celebrating you during November, which is National Family Caregivers Month.

As we close out the month, let’s talk about what you’d like organizations and communities to know about what you do.

We started with the health care system then moved to your family. Today, let's talk about your house of worship.

What would your house of worship to know about your availability to attend services as well as how well the services reflect your needs? What would you like your house of worship to know about the help you need, both in your home and at services?

Share what you’d like your house of worship to know in our comments section, below.

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We need flexibility in how and when we worship. And, we need lots of prayers. :)


Whoa. Okay, this one triggered something. First, we've had a lot of different caregiving times in our lives. 22 years ago last July, our daughter was born at 28 weeks gestation. Being a parent to a preemie this little is a whole different experience. We were lucky in so many ways, but it wasn't without its scary moments. For a long time, our daughter referred to her first 7 years as the \"dark days of my life\".\r\nDuring the time our daughter was in the hospital, we heard from the church secretary once, asking if our daughter needed to be baptized at the hospital. That was it. No phone call or visit from priest, deacon, or other minister. We couldn't come to church because we were housebound - our daughter's immune system was not strong. But we had been strong, involved members of the community. \r\nWe didn't go back.\r\nI wish they would have reached out to us more than they did. Please, houses of worship, when you know a member of your community is going through a difficult time like this, don't just forget them because they don't show up on Sunday.