Tell Us: What Would You Pack in Your Car?

bus-156594_640I like to live with just enough possessions (clothes, knick knacks, personal items) to pack in my car. I'm not sure why, but that idea (will what I have fit in my car?) has followed me for more than 20 years.

It helps me live a somewhat clutter-free life. It's also useful when I'm thinking about the people in my life: Would I pack them in my car and take them with me if I moved?

When I think about moving through life with my car, I think I'll pack my family, my laptop and my sense of adventure. I'll do my best to leave behind worries and "What if" questions.

What about you? If you could only bring what you could fit in your car, what would you bring? If you packed a car for your caree, what would you bring? What would you leave at the curb? Please tell us about the contents of your cars in our comments section, below.

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