Tell Us: What's Been Your Largest Medical Bill (So Far)?


Tell Us: What's Been Your Largest Medical Bill (So Far)?

money-in-medicine-bottles-300x199Our conversation about whether you pay a higher price emotionally or financially made me think of the health care costs you incur.

So, I wonder: What's been your largest health care bill to date? Was it a hospitalization? A med? A treatment? A month of supplies? It could be a bill that your caree's insurance paid or a bill that you had to figure out how to pay.

In our comments section, below, tell us about the bill that took your breath away.

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my husband has no insurance bcuz he doesn't qualify for Medicaid and won't be eligible for Medicare for another 10 mos. so with that being said, we are self paying


22,000.00 for chemotherapy!! That was just for one day! Thank God for insurance!


The $4000 ambulance bill to take mom to the retina specialist. \"Not medically necessary for her to need an ambulance\". This was 2 weeks before she went on hospice and 4 weeks before her death. Thanks Medicare - if I thought she could have tolerated a wheel chair and van ride for the 4 + hours the entire visit took, we would have done that. And really? Does it really cost $2000 each way to transport a 94 year old lady 28 miles down the road to a doctor's office?


Hospital stay, $100,000 and change. Thankfully insurance paid for almost all of it and we \"only\" had to pay $6,000. Right now my husband and I are taking bets on what the price tag for his latest hospital stay will be!

Lillie Fuller

Ambulance Bill!