Tell Us: What's One of Your Caregiving Blunders?

I decided yesterday that one of the day's biggest challenges is getting past my blunders.

Oh, the blunders!shield-98378_640 They interrupt my sleep, darken my sunny days, let doubt creep in where hope once reigned.

I do a much better job coping with blunders, i.e., letting them go, when I connect with others who make blunders, too. I feel so much better when I'm in good company. When I know it's not just me,  I can forgive myself, put the mishap in my past, keep going.

We all make blunders; we just mistakenly believe we are the only ones.

Today, tell us about one of your caregiving blunders. It could be a blunder from way back, from a minute ago, from last week. And, if you want, please feel free to share how you worked through the blunder.

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