Tell Us: What's One of Your Little Things?


Tell Us: What's One of Your Little Things?

daisy-348548_640On Tuesday during Care Break on Your Caregiving Journey, Bruce (@brucemc), Jane (@jbones1961) and I discussed the 101 little things we do as we care for family members and friends that make a big difference.

Bruce shared how he spots ramps for his wife and helps her with her coat. Jane brushes her daughter's hair after her shower. I provide IT support to my parents and offer context when the words of health care professionals fall flat. A member of Bruce's support group shared that he makes sure his wife wears her earrings every day.

During Tuesday's show, Bruce couldn't remember two little things he meant to mention during the show. His wife, Kathy, remembered, though, and texted him just before our show ended.

Through these little things, we bring normalcy to our caree's day and ensure they participate in life as much as possible. And, some day, these little things will mean the most to us. When we remember the little things, we'll remember we did our best to do enough.

So, tell us: What's one of the 101 little things you do to help your caree? Share yours in our comments section, below.

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Today, I noticed it was just a comment to my Mother-in-law that makes a difference. I called her Gorgeous. I asked her, \"How'd you ever get so Gorgeous?\" Her remark was, \"I just look at you and it's the reflection from you.\" I said, \"Awwww, That is so sweet.\" I then hugged her. What she said made a tear well up in my eyes. That to me meant the world and it was a little thing. A compliment or comment so sweet and kind is all it takes.


I ask my husband Sam to marry me at least once a week. He always says yes.

Lillie Fuller

I make sure to remind my mom that she, at 88 years old, has less gray hair than me at 56!

Lillie Fuller

My mom was always very neat in her appearance, so I try to make sure all her clothes are matching to a T, and make sure she has gloves, hat, scarf and jacket to match what she's wearing. I tweeze her wild eyebrows and lip hair and make sure her hair is done.


I tell my mom how pretty she looks. She's a very humble person, but it makes her feel good.

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