Tell Us: What's the Cost of Caregiving for You?


Tell Us: What's the Cost of Caregiving for You?

Caregiving costs.

It costs us money, time, opportunities. It can cost us our health with the weight we gain from the stress. It can cost us relationships as we leave behind those who can't support us.

I'd love to know: What price do you pay because of your caregiving responsibilities?

In our comments section, below, please tell us about the costs of caregiving for you.

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The happy and beautiful life I shared with my husband.


I broke my clavicle (not caregiving related) but it never healed due to my Caregiving duties. The cost is not being paid enough for the cost of my effort and future. I'm a Nurse without a degree. I run Peg Tube feeds and medications, constant lifting, pushing transport chair etc.... I keep my Mom at home safe and out of the hospital. The thing is if she did not have me here to take care of her she would be in a nursing home or paying out of pocket for a caregiver to come to the house. The going rate is 20 dollars an hour for someone 24/7 at the house. That is 480$ a day, 3360.00 a week, 13,440.00 a month and 161,280.00 a year. I get 150.00 dollars a month on my Caregiver Support Program. Makes no sense and so backwards. It is all about survival though and keeping her safe. I like helping her and I get her out of the house daily to stores, doctor appointments etc...

Lillie Fuller

I would have to say my health, of course, and my social life. The health part is obvious, I'm overweight, i need serious dental work, my immune system sucks. The social part is the part I really worry about. How will I fit into the world when my caregiving ends? How will I go on? What will I do? It's pretty scary!

daffy don

Ah, my friends. My sweet Elsie has made her final exit. Now I realize that the true cost of love and caregiving comes now - after she has gone - as I carry her earthly remains with me on my motorcycle across the country, her spirit riding with me, reminding me that I must move on. We now have separate destinies to fulfill.


It's emotional for me, too. I worry this will cost me my relationship with my brothers. Mom has always played us against each other, especially if she wants something. Her wants trump everything else. I get subtle messages from my brothers - oh you're doing such a good job, but... (okay, why don't you move back and help?) I don't want to be angry with them, but I also get tired of the subtle, quiet criticisms - as well as the, \"well, you've handled things okay up till now, but we think this is too much for you\" (again, why don't you move back and take over? I'm the only one living in state, remember?) Mom talks to them on the phone and tells them all sorts of things. I don't take her to the store. I don't let her have her stuff. I have her car. I'm always being threatened by mom with \"I'm calling your brother to see what's really going on\". \r\nI'm burned out. Caregiving is making me lose my care feeling.

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