Tell Us: What's the Title of Your Caregiving Book?


Tell Us: What's the Title of Your Caregiving Book?

If you were to write a book about your caregiving experiences, what would the title be?

Maybe it’s:

A Tale of Two Lives; or

The Real Caregiver of Cook County; or

Thirteen Years to Heaven: My Caregiving Story.

Share your book title in our comments section. We’ll choose two winners next Wednesday (April 12) to receive a SuperPower t-shirt to wear on April 21.

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Diane Glittenberg CDP,CCC,CCE

A Career Changing Experience. \r\nI literally changed careers during caregiving from a retail store manager to a professional caregiver to someday becoming a Caregiver trainer. I found a calling to educate people who are Caregivers. Those caring for their loved one at home and those who want to care for other people's loved ones.


A One Year Journey Searching For Our New Normal...The effects and changes of a Spinal Cord Injury are unreal!


The Guest Who Came to Dinner (and STAYED!)


\"The Intruder We Embrace\"


I Thought We'd Have Forever

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