Tell Us: What's the Worst News You've Had to Deliver?


Tell Us: What's the Worst News You've Had to Deliver?

newspapers-444449_640This morning, I had to deliver bad news to my dad. My mom's hemoglobin number dropped, which means she's probably bleeding again. They have to give her another pint of blood.

Early in my mom's hospitalization, I had to call my dad to tell him that she was still losing blood and they needed to give her blood. "How much?" he asked. I took a deep breath. "Two pints," I answered. He moaned as if I physically hurt him.

I hate giving bad news. I do my best to give it the best I can, which means I just say it, I don't sugar coat it, I don't beat around the bush. I don't overreact as I give the news but I don't pretend the news isn't bad. How much that helps, I don't know.

It's just never good to give bad news.

I wonder about the bad news you've had to deliver. What happened? How did you say it? Please share your experiences in our comments section, below.

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At the request of her mother, telling my granddaughter that her father had died. My son was thirty , my granddaughter was four (six years ago).

Lillie Fuller

The day after my stepdaughter Annie went to have a procedure to inject collagen in her neck, her son, my grandson Andrew was in 3rd grade and leaving for a 3 day field trip to Yosemite National Park. We all knew his mom's condition and there would be no getting better but we made sure he made that trip with his class. I remember on his return I, along with a few other family members met Andrew at the school so someone would be there when he got off the bus. I remember so clearly the big beautiful smile on his face getting off the bus then when he looked up at me it changed to a question mark. He could tell by the look on my face that it was not good news. I didn't have to say a word but it was still the worst news I've ever had to deliver.


Denise, painful as this news must have been for your dad, I'm sure he appreciates your straight forward, level headed approach. I agree with Jan that it takes an incredible amount of self discipline to deliver news in this way. You and your family remain in my thoughts. Very much hoping things improve soon.


It takes alot of personal control to deliver bad news like you do. I'm sad to infer that you've done it enough times to be that experienced at it. I'm also sad to infer what this particular bad news means for you and your family. I'm thinking of all of you this morning.


Telling my favorite aunt (my mom's only living sister) about mom's death.

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